Review: The Dangers of Film


Recently I have read an interesting blog titled “The Dangers of Film.” It offered insightful concepts that are very similar to what I would like to cover in my future posts. To say similar is probably an understatement, it is more like a perfect foundation for me to build on. This particular post addressed some fundamental aspects of cinema influencing our culture today. The writer Rich Clark covered topics such as how film discourages critical thinking, and many times trap us in a giant waste of time. They certain very valid points in many cases like the recent release “Meet the Spartans.”

The article itself is very well articulated and scholarly. The writer shows extensive knowledge as well as comprehension of the current state of U.S cinema. He offered personal encounters to illustrate his point effectively. Use of humor was also employed. Overall it was a well conceived piece of literature with clear intentions and substance to achieve them.

The writer’s focus was primarily religious film goers who presumably loath the current state of the movie industry and wishes for a change. They are relevant to the field in the sense that many references were made to verses in scripture as well as the general idea that religion should compose an important part of personal life. This is best described under the topic “Film can tempt us to sin without warning.” I must agree in the sense that the overpowering among of violence and nudity in movies might not be the best influence on youth today. However, such a important topic is perhaps best left for future discussion.

This particular post not only provides me with a starting point, but also materials that I could expand on. I have much to express about the content which the article covered. However, one distinction is that I wish to broaden my focus outside of the realms of religion but simply how a film makes up our society as a whole. It is important to me thought that the influence of religion on our vantage point be discussed.

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